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Effective February 9th, 2016

Our Cause

Event Yeah the Boys Inc is established to be a charity whose purpose is to advance men’s health and reduce suicide by undertaking any of the following activities:
• Establishing and operating public events for the promotion of men’s mental health services.
• Facilitate after-hours access to mental health services focused on the needs of the community via 'Dads in Distress', 'Our Healthy Clarence', 'Headspace', 'Standby', 'V360' and 'Lifeline'.
• Undertake fundraising to support after-hours mental health services.
• Providing access to mental health training for local businesses, community groups and community members delivered by 'Our Healthy Clarence', 'Headspace' and the 'Rural Adversity Mental Health Program'.
• Distribution of funds raised to a minimum of 2 listed organisations per year.

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