Geoffrey Bowling
Chantelle Dwyer

Geoffrey avoids interviews and making media statements….but he is the energiser bunny of our committee.
A mechanic by trade and a committed member of Grafton Speedway, Geoffrey threw himself into Event Yeah the Boys Inc right from the outset and has been instrumental in organising fundraising activities and the 2019 4WD Show and Shine and Tug of War.
We met the lovely Chantelle when she and Geoff were getting a car ready for her to drive in the Demolition Derby titles in 2018. The only female in the derby, she piloted a bright pink machine with a farting unicorn on the bonnet…and I think all the blokes out there were a bit wary of her that night!!! And all the Girls were cheering for her!

Geoff and Chantelle are indispensable members of our committee and we love them!!!